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Emilee Winters – 2013
After graduating from Eastbrook High School in May of 2013, I was able to realize a dream I have had since I was very young. I was accepted into the College of Agriculture at Purdue University. My plan is to utilize my Animal Science degree as the foundation for my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. A special focus will be to offer pet therapy for Wounded Warriors. As a military child myself, I understand the sacrifices and worries of military families, each and every time their Hero leaves for duty. Offering this pet therapy is my way of giving back to the Heroes that have given so much for our Freedoms. Purdue has been great, I am making many new friends, working as a lifeguard on campus and spending lots of time on homework! I am very thankful for the SFC Collin J Bowen Scholarship, the funds were used to purchase a new computer and other supplies needed.

*Emilee's mother is Support Coordinator for Survivor Outreach Services for the Indiana Army National Guard and her father is a Command Sergeant Major in the Indiana Army National Guard

Shelby Haisley – 2013
I am currently attending Indiana Wesleyan University and majoring in social work with minors in psychology and addictions studies. I am a full time student and I am involved with the IWU Women's Chorus, Students for Life, and Social Work Club. After I graduate from college, I would like to attend IUPUI and receive my masters in social work. I feel called to counsel abused children once I am in the workforce. I would like to thank the Bowen family for giving me this scholarship since it really helped me attend my dream college. This opportunity has given me the chance to go to a college where I feel loved and supported as I receive my education. Thank you!

*Excerpt from Shelby's essay: "Reading Collin's story touched me because it brought back memories of my own time walking with the Thompson family after they lost Cpl Lance M. Thompson in 2004 (also from Grant County). Our families have been friends for years and even though I was a young girl when he was killed in Iraq, I will never forget that time and the sacrifice that he made for my freedom."


Emily Kirkpatrick – 2012
After graduating Eastbrook High School in May of 2012, I continued working at Ivanhoe's thru the summer. I'm now attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I'm studying Fashion Merchandising, live on campus, and am making several new friends. I appreciate being chosen for the Bowen Scholarship and was able to purchase my laptop computer with the scholarship money, which has helped a lot with my classes.

Thank You again for choosing me for the Bowen Scholarship.

Emily Kirkpatrick

*Emily's brother, PFC David Kirkpatrick, was killed in action in Iraq on 4/27/07. Her cousin Kelsey was also a Bowen Scholarship recipient (2010). Emily's parents, Rhonda and Kenny, have supported the Run For Freedom and Bowen Scholarship since it's inception in 2008.

Trace Nolder – 2012
I am currently attending Indiana University of Kokomo as a full time student. I am a business student planning to double major in Accounting and Finance. I am a part of student organizations on campus such as the Accounting Council and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise). Although I do not plan to spend all four years at IU Kokomo, Iam enjoying my time here and making the most of it. After completing my general courses I plan to move to Indiana University's main campus in Bloomington to finish my schooling. I would like to thank the Bowen Scholorship committee and donors for the honor of receiving this scholarship. This scholarship helped a lot financially. More importantly it helps me on my day to day studies knowing that upon receiving this scholarship, I was given the responsibility to show the traits that Collin Bowen showed:
perseverance, passion, strength of character, discipline and a fighting spirit.

* Trace has FOURTEEN family members that have served in the U.S. military.

*Trace's brother, Sam, was killed by a drunk driver in 2004. Here is an excerpt from Trace's essay:

"Over the past few years, I have matured and come to realize that instead of continuing
to mourn his death, I need to live my life to honor his. It gives me more incentive to
move forward to honor Sam's memory. Everything I do in life…school, sports, career
choices…I do for my brother."


Amanda Christine Wolfe – 2011
Upon graduating from Marion High School, I currently attend Indiana Wesleyan University.  I ran for the Lady Wildcats Cross Country team this year and had a great season!  Through my teammates and Coach Foss, I have really been encouraged in my spiritual life, as well as my running career.  Although I am still undecided about what I feel called to do with my life, I know I am on the right track with a Biology major.  I completed the first semester with a 4.0 and am still striving to maintain that GPA.  I have a passion for people and hope to use my degree to focus on helping others, whether that be in medical missions or someplace else.  College has been a great experience as I have grown a lot in my faith, friendships, and knowledge.  It has been thrilling to be able to discover many new experiences and also to remain proud of where I came from.   I am very thankful for the Bowen Scholarship and what it has provided for me in this journey.  I thank the Bowen family for this awesome opportunity!


Andrew Schoer – 2011
After graduating from Marion High School, I have been attending Washington University in St. Louis and so far it has been incredible.  I've made so many new friends and learned so much! I'm really enjoying the opportunities to take classes that were not available to me in high school such as psychology and computer science. As of now, I am pursuing a degree in electrical engineering, but, as I am only a freshmen and don't know much about the field yet, it is likely to change during my time in college. The work in college is definitely very challenging, but it is rewarding in the end. I am looking forward to the rest of my freshmen year and to the next four years I will spend at Wash U. Thank you to all who work with Bowen Scholarship and the Run for Freedom. The scholarship and event has a great purpose and meaning to the community and the values they represent will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for all you have done for me, for the community, and for everything!



Kaileigh Duckwall – 2010
Since graduating High School I've been attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and have been having a blast! I've made a ton of new friends and have had so many fun experiences that I will remember forever! I've finally made a decision about what I'm going to study and I've decided that Psychology Pre-Law is the degree for me! I'm really excited about the classes I'll get to take and the future experiences that are yet to come!  Thanks again to all of those involved with the Bowen Scholarship! I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of such a wonderful new tradition! It has been such a help this semester and I'll be forever thankful!

** Excerpt from Kaileigh’s Scholarship Essay** It is not always easy to stand up for what we believe in, but doing so makes us a stronger individual.  My family has given up many of its members for a period of time to the armed forces, each fighting to preserve our freedoms to exercise the beliefs that we as American’s hold so dear.  This country has certainly sacrificed more than its fair share of special young men and women, like SFC Collin Bowen, and has likely not seen its last.  My hope is that my life, now as well as after my education, will make a difference in the lives of others, whether that be in the classroom, in an office, or down whatever path it may take me.

Cody Reaves

Cody Reaves – 2010
I am now a second semester sophomore at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. I am still majoring in Psychology/Pre-Law, and have added a Legal Studies minor. I have made the Dean’s List each semester, and still currently hold a 4.0 grade point average. I love all of my classes at IUPUI and have made many friends and many connections that will help me in my future career. My goal is still to one day attend law school and become either a lawyer or sports agent. Off of the playing field and the classroom I am involved in SAAC, also known as the Student Athletic Advisory Committee for IUPUI. We get to meet and discuss changes that need to take place, on and off the field, to improve the lives of our student athletes. I also take part in the campus outreach program, attending weekly “20/20” meetings that give students a chance to spend time each week learning more about Jesus and furthering their walk with Christ. I am also involved in the Jags Reading Club, a program in which student-athletes attend an Indianapolis Public School and read to young students. I am also extremely excited about an opportunity that I recently received to volunteer at Indiana Legal Services, a non-for-profit legal agency, helping the poor in downtown Indianapolis. I continue to be blessed everyday by the Lord, trying to use the talents and abilities he has given me to glorify him. I am also continuing to work on my fitness as I look forward to trying to improve on my 4th place finish in the Run for Freedom 5K this upcoming year!
I want to again thank all of those involved in the SFC Collin J. Bowen Scholarship. It is truly a blessing to have been chosen for this scholarship; honoring a great man who fought for the freedoms that we take for granted every day. This scholarship still means so much to not only me, but my entire family as well. My grandfather, Larry Jo Goss, died in the Vietnam War, and I have always been grateful for the sacrifice that he made. Collin made this same sacrifice, and he cannot be recognized enough for doing so. There is no greater sacrifice.

Madeleine Kuczora

Madeleine Kuczora – 2009
I am currently studying Management Consulting at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, which is ranked by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as the #1 Undergraduate Business School. Last semester I studied abroad in Toledo, Spain where I took all of my classes in Spanish, lived with a Spanish host mother, and traveled all around Europe. During my time at Notre Dame, I've had the chance to participate in many service activities. During the summer after my freshman year, I participated in a Summer Service Learning Program at the Holy Family Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana. I worked as an intern and lived on-site at the Shelter for two months. Much of my work involved activities with the residents' children, as well as administrative jobs. I currently work as a student front desk attendant at the Center for Social Concerns, which organized my service opportunity. During the week I volunteer as a tutor and mentor for local children at the Robinson Community Learning Center. I also volunteer weekly at a local elementary school as a "reading buddy" through an initiative to raise students' ISTEP+ scores in South Bend.

Two years ago, I was awarded the Margaret "Meghan" M. Beeler Memorial Scholarship in honor of an upstanding, Notre Dame swimmer who passed away in a tragic bus accident in 1992. With Collin and Meghan in mind, I feel so blessed to be recognized in honor of individuals who truly and selflessly made a difference in the world. I am thankful for soldiers like Collin, who lived his life not for himself, but for others. He is truly an inspiration; the life he led serves as a model for anyone to imitate.

Molly Kuczora

Molly Kuczora – 2009
I have just completed the first semester of my sophomore year here at Notre Dame. I am now a psychology and pre-med major in the University’s Arts and Letters Pre-Professional Program. I was on Notre Dame’s Dean’s List spring semester of my freshman year and this past semester, and currently have a 3.733 GPA. This past spring I was also a recipient of our Community Foundation’s Board Scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic school year. This semester, I am currently involved in my dorm’s Hall Council, serving as the Apparel Commissioner. I also am a part of Notre Dame’s Student Government, serving as a member on both the Center for Social Concerns and Community Relations Committees. Within South Bend’s community, I volunteer every Saturday morning at Memorial Hospital in the PICU and pediatrics unit, working with the child specialist and interacting with the patients and their families. I have also tutored and worked with children in the after school and Shakespeare programs at the Robinson Community Learning Center just off-campus. Last summer, I worked as a camp counselor in east inner city Indianapolis through the Center for Social Concern’s Summer Service Learning Program. I also worked at Cornerstone Behavioral and Health Center last summer, mostly doing clerical work.

I have truly enjoyed my time here at Notre Dame and have made great friendships. I am grateful for the opportunity to go to a Catholic institution that integrates faith, knowledge and service to others. In this way, I feel that I have found the perfect fit for me here. I have a strong passion for service, and I especially enjoy working with children. In the future, I hope to attend medical school and perhaps pursue a career in pediatrics.
It has been a pleasure to represent the Bowen Scholarship, and all that it stands for. Collin’s service to his country is an inspiration to each of us, and I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in commemorating his life and sacrifice for us all.

Katie Alter – 2008

Katie Alter – 2008
I am currently a junior here at IU and am applying for graduate school this summer. I am very eager to apply for the Microbiology Master's Program in Florida to continue on to receive my Master's Degree. I am also working under one of IU's top researchers in the Microbiology field, to gain some hands on experience before continuing on with my Graduate research. It has been a crazy, intense, difficult, time consuming year thus far, but I would not change a single thing. While not surrounded in a lab by bacteria and microscopes, I love to explore the city of Bloomington with my friends. It is our hope to try as many of the diverse opportunities Bloomington has to offer as possible. Thank you especially to the Bowen family for honoring me, the past recipients, and the current recipients with this scholarship in honor of Collin. My brother joined the Air Force this past year and will be deployed overseas in the coming months. I know how much Collin meant to his family and the community, and as a sister of a military man, I understand now more than ever his amazing sacrifice.





Dru Darga – 2013
Thank you again for awarding me the Collin J Bowen Scholarship. After graduation, I entered the Caterpillar Program at Owens College in August. The grant allowed me to purchase a computer for school, which has been very helpful. My classes are set up as 16 weeks, but we have to complete them in 8 weeks being in the CAT program, so the computer has helped me to stay on top of projects and papers and has allowed me to get them turned around very quickly. Thank you again for including me as a scholarship recipient. I am honored to tell others at school about my scholarship and the HERO behind it.

*Dru has volunteered each year at the Run for Freedom since its inception in 2008. Dru's parents, Doug and Dawn, have dedicated hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours to the Run for Freedom and Indiana Freedom Memorial organizations. The Directors of the Bowen Scholarship are grateful for the Darga Family's tireless commitment to honoring all those who serve and sacrifice.

Jonathan Hochstedler – 2013

Since graduating from high school I have worked as a flooring installer,and I have moved out for college. I am currently studying general engineering at Valparaiso University, and next semester I will start my plan of study for electrical engineering. I was able to purchase a laptop with the Collin J. Bowen Scholarship, which is vital to an engineering student. I would like to thank the Bowen Scholarship committee and the sponsors for honoring me with this aid.

*Excerpt from Jonathan's essay: "SFC Bowen's story is not only an inspiration, but also an example of how I hope to live out my life. We should not be motivated by selfish ambitions but by selfless ideals, which is how SFC Bowen lived. I hope someday I learn to have the same courage and motivation that Collin lived by."

Vaughn Persinger – 2012
I am currently a freshman at Purdue University, in the engineering program. I am thankful for the opportunity to represent an individual who served our country with honor. His fight for our freedom is what makes this world great. As Abraham Lincoln said "Freedom is the last best hope of the earth." I truly hope to make a difference in the fight to maintain our freedom as SFC Colin Bowen.

Vaughn Persinger

*Excerpts from Vaughn's essay reads:
"SFC Bowen's story is not only that of a true hero in the way he served others but also an inspiration to me as to how I hope to live my life."

"As I embark on a new direction in my life as I begin college I hope to provide a fraction of the inspiration the SFC Bowen did for others. It would be my honor to even be mentioned for this scholarship and would be eternally grateful to be a recipient."


Katelyn Summers – 2012
I am currently attending Indiana University of Kokomo but am planning to transfer to Ball State University next year. My major is art education. Being an art teacher is something I have wanted to do since I was little. I am currently employed at Lakeview Christian Church Pre-school /Daycare where I work as a teacher'd aid in a classroom full of two year olds. I absolutely love kids and love my job which is why I'm going to
college to be an elementary art teacher. College is very different from high school and has taught me a lot already. I want to thank the Bowen family this opportunity. The Bowen Scholarship has helped me financially a lot.

*Katelyn's step-brother, Cpl. Lance Thompson, was killed in Iraq in 2004. Her step-brother Philip is also a Marine.

*Excerpt from Katelyn's essay:

"I was a lot like Collin when I was little. For example, there was a boy in my class that no
one really talked to so I would stay in from recess and talk to him or help him organize
his desk, similar to the way Collin helped a boy to play kickball during recess."


Amy Conrad – 2012
Amy is currently attending Purdue University and is majoring in Biology. She plans on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician. She's living on campus and having a lot of fun going to football games. She's really looking forward to the basketball season as well.

*Amy's mother was in the Air Force for eight years and her father, Matt, is currently in the Air Force reserves. Her father just returned from a 6-month deployment in the Middle East (UAE). The Bowen Scholarship organization is grateful for his service to our country.

*Excerpt from Amy's essay:

"I hope to be someone who is always positive, always willing to go the extra mile, and
never want to settle for good when great can be accomplished."

"SFC Bowen is an inspiration to me personally, not only because of his actions, but also
because of the attitude that he accomplished those actions with."

Jake Althouse – 2011
Jake is currently a freshman at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  He’s also a member of the RHIT baseball team.  Jake excelled both academically and athletically at Oak Hill High School.  Four of Jake’s Uncles, his grandfather, two if his great-grandfathers, and his great-great grandfather served in the military.  An excerpt from Jake’s Scholarship essay reads:  “Few people in life can truly say they have had a major impact on the people they know.  Even fewer can say they have had an impact on those they didn't. Having never known Collin J. Bowen, I know only of his impact on his family, school, community & country by reading the inspiring excerpt of his life and I knew he was a hero who should be held in the highest honor.”


Kolby O’Banion – 2011
As I adjust to life at Indiana Wesleyan University, I can’t help but be excited. Ever since my first day here, I’ve been certain that the next four years of my life will be filled with great friends, great times, and great scholarship. I am double-majoring in English and Writing with the intent of becoming a fiction author. I also plan to attend law school after my four years at IWU.

On my list of heroes, Collin is certainly up there with the best. Tennis legend Arthur Ashe once said: “True heroism is remarkably sober, very un-dramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Serving others is something that Collin Bowen did his entire life, and I admire him so much because of that. Selflessness is a key characteristic of a hero, and Collin never hesitated to put others before himself.

I would like to thank the donors and committee of the Bowen Scholarship. Particularly I would like to thank Collin’s family for honoring him in such a great way with this scholarship foundation. What a great way to celebrate his exceptional life. Most of all I would like to thank my hero Collin, who served many in life and now serves as an inspiration to many in death.


Molly Kramer

Mallory Kramer – 2010
I have been having a wonderful time at Bellarmine University and I love it there so much. Louisville is an amazing city and a brand new experience. Bellarmine has been teaching me many things about my faith, myself, and life in general. I am majoring in Visual Communications and ended my first semester with a 3.63 GPA. In high school I was very involved and I knew I would get the same life at Bellarmine. I am currently on the swim club team and practicing for meets for second semester. I am involved with the Relay for Life club at Bellarmine and I made a video for the club that has been shown to the various scholars programs around the school. I now am in training for an internship with the school to make videos that will be shown to potential students. I am involved in the campus church and regularly lector during mass. I am active in the school pep club, Knights Nation, and love attending the sports games on the weekends. I love Bellarmine University so much and I am very grateful for receiving the Collin Bowen Scholarship. I would not be able to attend Bellarmine without the help, not only financially, but also with the constant reminder of who the scholarship is in memory of. When times get hard and I feel like I cannot take the pressure anymore I can always turn to what Collin Bowen stood for: passion, perseverance, courage, strength, and most of all hard work.

Taylor Fleming

Taylor Fleming – 2010
I am entering the second semester of my freshman year at Eastern Nazarene College, where I am a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a Pre-Law minor. On campus, I am currently involved with the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team, Women’s Varsity Softball Team, and am the treasurer of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I have been able to go into Boston on Saturdays and take part in a program called “Open Hand Open Heart” which passes out sandwiches and drinks to the homeless and less fortunate in the city of Boston. I serve with children’s’ ministries at the church on campus, and have been appointed floor chaplain on the floor in my dormitory. I also work a job in the admissions department of my school.

I would like to the family of SFC Bowen, and the donors and committee of the Bowen Scholarship Foundation. You hard work has given so much to our community and the seniors within it who have put forth a tremendous effort to have the same qualities Collin Bowen demonstrated in his life. Thank you!


Chris Reaves

Chris Reaves – 2009
I am still attending Grace College in Winona Lake, IN.  I enjoyed my first season of baseball here.  I was fortunate enough to get to play first base for the Lancers in several games as we had the most successful season in our school's history.  This year we have brought in many talented players both with the bat and on the mound and feel we are primed and ready for a successful season.  I am excited to be a part of establishing a winning program here at Grace.  As you can imagine this area is not exactly full of exciting things to do, but I do not mind as it gives me a reason to go home and spend time with my family and friends. I am currently studying hard for my final exams.  I have made many great friends in my short time here and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the rest of this semester and my remaining time here at Grace.

** Excerpt from Chris’s Scholarship Application Essay** “Freedom means to me that a price has been paid. I know this all too well because I have never met my grandfather. He was a Navy Corpsman who was killed in action while serving with the Marines in Vietnam on February 14, 1968. Like Collin, he paid the ultimate price. One of the many things my parents have taught me is that these men were fighting for people’s freedom. Upon a recent visit to Washington D.C., my parents took a picture at one of the monuments that said exactly what I know to be true, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” Collin, my grandfather, and thousands of other men like them have answered the call throughout our time as a nation. The call has been and always will be to defend freedom at all cost. Because of these sacrifices for freedom all of us that live are allowed to do so."

Alexander Lester

Alexandra Lester – 2009
I just completed Fall Quarter of my sophomore year at UCLA. My major is still Economics, and I am looking to minor in Global Studies.  I am currently looking at Study Abroad programs for next Fall, and plan to be in Spain for the first semester! I am thrilled. I am also looking into possible internships and jobs in Los Angeles or San Francisco this summer-- we will see what works out!  School is still very much so challenging and requires a lot of extra study hours, but I love UCLA and all it has to offer. I am very involved in my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta and continue to do various philanthropic events through it.  I am very thankful for all the love and support I receive from home, especially the Bowen Scholarship Foundation!  Thank you all for everything!

Tamara Barrett

Tamara Barrett – 2009
A lot has happened since my last update! I transferred to Taylor University in the fall of 2010 and could not be happier. I am a psychology pre-med major and am currently enrolled in an MCAT prep class. I had a very busy first semester with 18 hours but still made the Dean's list. This is probably because I really enjoyed almost every class I took.  In September I ran my first half marathon in Fort Wayne. That was a very fun time and I look forward to doing more in the future. In November, I attended the Global Health Missions Conference in Louisville with the Pre-Health Club at Taylor. This was a great experience that opened my eyes to all of the places and ways I can be useful with my intended career. I am involved with Social Justice Week Cabinet of Global Outreach and the Chapel Planning Cabinet of Acting on AIDS. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with a small group to plan the World AIDS Day chapel. Through the honors program, I took a trip to Jordan and Israel for a New Testament class during the first weeks of January 2011. This experience was emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually life changing to say the least. I am so grateful for these opportunities I have had through attending college and receiving scholarships and I would like to extend my thanks again.

Ryan Jumper – 2008
I am now a junior at IU Bloomington, where I am studying Accounting at the Kelley School of Business.  I'm currently involved in many organizations on campus including Campus Crusade for Christ and the Hutton Honors Student Association.  I also work here at IU for RecSports; I am a supervisor and head official for intramural/club sports.  As well as working for the intramural program here, I enjoy participating in many of the various intramural sports offered here, including flag football where my Co-Ed team won the championship this past fall!  I love my time here at IU, and I am truly grateful that the Bowen family has been so supportive and interested in my endeavors.  Finally, I would like to thank the Bowen family and donors to the Bowen Scholarship for their contributions and hard work to give back to local high school seniors who exemplify the tremendous qualities that Collin Bowen demonstrated throughout his lifetime.  It was an honor for me to be one of the first students to receive this award, along with Katie and Kelsey, in Collin's memory.  Thank you and God Bless.

Kelsey Kirkpatrick – 2008
I am from Van Buren, IN and attended Eastbrook High School. I’m now living in Muncie, IN and attended Ivy Tech Community College for one semester.  I plan to receive my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am working full-time as a CNA at a local nursing home. After taking a little time off, I re-enrolled and I am registered for my classes for next semester.  I greatly appreciate the recognition and honor you have brought by remembering my cousin, David Kirkpatrick, over the past couple years. It means so much to our entire family. Again, Thank You for the ultimate sacrifice your brother has made. They will never be forgotten. 

**Kelsey’s cousin, PFC David A. Kirkpatrick, was killed in action in Iraq on 4/27/07.  She has had several members of her family serve in the military and her brother and two cousins currently serve in the military. 


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